• Ten health facts you didn't know about caffeine

The coffee dichotomy

Our ancestors have known about (and been taking advantage of) the stimulant effects of caffeine since about the 15th century, so you'd think we'd have a pretty good read on it by now.

Unfortunately, caffeine (particularly in our preferred delivery method: coffee) is a complex beast. One the one hand, caffeine raises your blood pressure, but frequent coffee drinkers are half as likely to die of heart failure as those who don't have a java habit. Likewise, caffeine can spike your blood sugar, but a daily dose of coffee has been shown to lower your risk of diabetes.

Like most things, how much caffeine (if any) is right for you will be an individual choice. Read the latest research, then decide for yourself.

Nov 16, 2012

Ten health facts you didn't know about caffeine

For every study spruiking the health benefits of your morning pick-me-up, there's another one warning you against the dangers of too much caffeine. Here's what you need to know.