Healthy barbecue alternatives

WHEN IT COMES TO COOKING, fire has long been man’s muse of choice. Even guys who struggle to open a can of beans take to the open flame like disciples of Prometheus. And why not? After all, beneath those blackened grates lies a convergence of flavour and nutrition: a fire that melts fat and delivers heaping quantities of smoke and sizzle, the world’s greatest zero-kilojoule ingredients.

But those scorching flames aren’t always the weight-loss weapon we want them to be. Too often, what should be a healthy dose of heat ends up being sabotaged by the choices you make before you even take the lid off your barbecue: choosing kilojoule-packed cuts of meat, coating them with sugary and salty sauces, and serving them with a lousy supporting cast. These are all tactics that compromise the inherent goodness of your barbecue.

That all that stops now. With summer just around the corner, we’re here to restore the barbecue to its rightful place as a powerful weight-loss weapon. After testing hundreds of recipes for our newest book, we’ve developed six new rules that we guarantee will forever change the way you approach that cherished device in your backyard or on your balcony. It’s time to cook up some of the leanest, healthiest and tastiest meat, fish and vegetable dishes of the summer – and effortlessly drop kilos while you’re doing it.

Oct 12, 2012

Healthy barbecue alternatives

With summer around the corner, it's time to fire up the barbie to enjoy these cracking recipes that'll send any extra kilos packing

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