Inside the July issue 2013 - on sale now!
Inside the July issue 2013 - on sale now!

Be bigger than ever with July’s Men’s Health – The Muscle-Up issue. Build a body of steel courtesy of the old-school lifting secrets of the hard men of Kiev’s “Muscle Beach”.

Then follow Fast and Furious 6 star Vin Diesel’s twice-a-day workout to build yourself some serious bulk.

Plus, feed all that growth with simple and tasty recipes from the world’s top chefs that’ll have you chowing down on two chickens a day – and enjoying it.

Want more? The world’s fittest man, CrossFit champ Rich Froning Jr, reveals the moves that will take you to the next level.

Plus, we show you how to dodge man flu, be the man who comes out on top in the workplace jungle and protect your love life from online horrors.

On sale now!

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