Health checks for every age - 20s

Your 20s are an awesome and challenging time. A time of transition to adulthood and independence, having fun and taking risks. You start work and move into your own home. It’s probably also the fittest time of your life, so it’s hard to imagine getting sick.
But taking control of your life means taking care of your health. A healthy lifestyle now will pay later on. So, have the time of your life, but be aware that many of the health issues affecting young men are largely self-inflicted – too much booze, smoking and drugs, sexually transmitted diseases and injuries caused by car accidents.
Young men are also particularly vulnerable to depression and anxiety. Listen to what your friends are saying without judging them, take time to talk about what’s going on, and seek help early.
If you don’t have a family GP, find a doctor you feel comfortable talking to and have an annual health check. Don’t forget you can also talk to your GP about your mental health.

Look out for a mate…
And pick up the phone: One of the early symptoms of depression is withdrawal from social situations.
If you haven’t heard from your mate for a couple of weeks, pick up the phone and check in.

Look out for a mate…
And take them for a kick: Or surf, or run or ride or whatever sport you prefer. It’s a great way to tick a lot of boxes – catch up with mates, get outdoors and increase the feel good hormones.

Photo by Movember Australia Oct 8, 2010

Health checks for every age

What every mo bro and sista should know: just when and at what age should you be getting different tests done.

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