1. The day after your boss' day off.
He'll come back with a pile of work he doesn't want to do and will unload it on you - unless you're out of the office. Let some other sucker shoulder the burden.

2. When the tax deadline looms.
If you haven't lodged your return by October 31, you could be fined. So instead of trying to wrap your brain around the numbers late at night or during your precious weekends, give yourself a full day to go over your affairs. It mightn't be the most fun you ever have on a day off, but it will spare you an awful lot of fretting.

3. Your wedding anniversary.
Tired of rushing around in your lunch hour to pick up some flowers and a bauble? Take the whole day off and nail the details: gifts, cards, babysitter, dinner reservation and a good bottle of champagne.

4. The opening day of a much-anticipated movie.
Relive your previous life as a Star Wars nerd. Rise early and go to the first showing. If it lives up to the hype, watch it again.

5. Your kid's birthday.
Tell your child that turning six or eight is a real milestone and that you want to spend the day with him or her. Give them the day off school and plan an event that you know will go over big.

6. Car-buying day.
Decide which car you want and get quotes from a couple of dealers. Then take a day off on a slower sales day (we like Tuesdays) to hit up the dealers early. Better still, shop between Christmas and New Year. It's the end of the month and the end of the year -- the best of both worlds for securing the best price.

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