Think twice about supplements, warns Sports Medicine Australia
Think twice about supplements, warns Sports Medicine Australia

By Jason Scullin

There’s no question getting in shape or staying at your peak is difficult. Hours in the gym or on the training ground can take their toll, leading some to fall prey to the temptation of using unknown supplements.

Now, as news breaks of widespread use of prohibited and untested substances by professional Australian athletes, the country’s peak organisation for sports medicine pros, Sports Medicine Australia, is urging anyone considering taking unknown supplements to take a step back and think again.

With the prevalence of supplements at an all-time high, Sports Medicine Australia spokesperson and sports physician Dr Peter Larkins says anyone thinking of taking this route needed to realise the dangers surrounding these products before proceeding.

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“There are a lot of people using supplements in the belief of enhancing their sporting performance,” says Larkins. “Quite often they are unaware what the products may contain and are putting themselves at risk of ingesting banned substances such as anabolic substances and amphetamines.”

Larkins adds that sportspeople, whatever level they play at, considering using supplements of any kind should discuss their use with a sports medicine practitioner or sports dietitian. “This will ensure that what is used will not be detrimental to one’s health and not be a banned substance,” he says.

To find out more about the risks of performance-enhancing drugs, visit Sports Medicine Australia’s CleanEdge website.

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