Armed and ready

Full-body circuits are the backbone of Royal Marines training. The ensuing pages will show you the exercises that are used to build circuits performed during training and out in the field. Simplicity is the key – these moves avoid complex techniques (as the circuits progress and fatigue sets in, your form tends to suffer, making complex workouts less effective). This means the exercises can be performed almost anywhere. Perfect for exercising onboard a ship or in the wilds of Afghanistan, and also perfect for those of you who don’t have a gym membership. All you need is a local park or beach, plus bags of willpower and the motivation to push past your mental limitations.

Feb 15, 2013

Combat ready your body

The following training schedule will help you reach your peak in just over two months. It's like nothing you've done before, but the result will build a body and will capable of anything

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  1. Ghost Hunter06:22pm Friday 15th February 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    Your body is one thing - your mind is a completely different thing to try to adapt to war and killing !