"I didn't want to be too big," says Lavrick, 28, from Perth, who was the Women's Health Reader's Choice in the inaugural MH Man 2009 competition (April 09 issue). "Most boxers are really toned, which is what I wanted to achieve. I also wanted something I could do at home without having to go to the gym."

Lavrick does one conditioning, one cardio and four weight sessions a week. The telecommunications technician devised the routine as a teenager, refining it as his body changed.

The secret to his killer physique? Keep your form, he advises. "If your movements don't feel strict, do less reps or punch slower. That way you get full movement of the muscle and your body can develop to its full potential."


The core of Lavrick's conditioning routine involves a gruelling session alternating five minutes of bag work and five minutes of skipping for one hour. This is followed by bodyweight and abs routines. On a separate day he runs for 70 minutes, which includes three sets of 15 flights of stairs in a block of flats.

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Eat a banana and honey sandwich. "It's fast and not too heavy," says Lavrick.

To get an instant protein fix, consume a can of tuna with a dash of mayo.

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