Can you outline Jason's diet plan:

Hood: Jason doesn't eat anything special before training. After training he has a post-workout recovery drink from Hammer Nutrition called Recoverite. In general, when he's training, he doesn't eat/drink refined carbohydrates and we reduce his kilojoule intake to 8820-9600kJ a day.

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Describe how long it took to get Jason in shape for his role in Transporter 3.
Hood: There isn't a simple answer to this. We trained for 10 weeks prior to filming Death Race, continued training throughout the production, and basically didn't stop until we finished filming Transporter 3. With the exception of a few weeks off during the winter holidays, we trained consistently from June 2007 to mid-April 2008. The majority of what you see on camera in both movies was accomplished in the 10 weeks prior to Death Race (one hour a day, six days a week).

Your No.1 "secret weapon" for training:
Hood: Eating properly.

Your No.1 nutrition tip:
Hood: Don't eat or drink refined carbohydrates.

Your No.1 tip for keeping people motivated:
Hood: Lead by example.

The best part about being a personal trainer:
Hood: It's rewarding to guide people towards being healthier and stronger.

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