10 Workouts That Take 10 Minutes Or Less

Whether you've taken the winter off or are eagerly anticipating beach weather, these workouts will provide a brutal test.

Dwayne Johnson’s New Warrior Code

Hollywood screenwriters and WWE impresarios may guarantee Dwayne Johnson’s success in movies and in the ring. But fate can be a tricky adversary, with unscripted plot twists at unlikely times.

The 2015 Men’s Health Fitness Awards

From the most innovative trainers and gyms to the best gear and tech, we’ve found everything you need to make this your strongest yet. The path to a leaner, more powerful body begins here

Gain The Oarsome Power Of A Surfboat Crew

To conquer the ocean as part of Australia’s most successful ever surfboat crew, Jim Morison needs exceptional endurance and explosive power. Here’s why he and his crew won three back-to-back …

How Do You Stop A Freight Train?

There’s power, then there’s unstoppable. Here’s how the Sydney Roosters and New Zealand enforcer Jared Waerea-Hargreaves barged his way to the top of the NRL

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