QUIZ: How well do you know Iron Mike?

In the week that the youngest heavyweight world champion ever turns 49, we ask: how well do you know one of the most polarising figures in sport - Mike Tyson?

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Stuck On Pull-Ups? Rethink Your Form

You've been doing them the same way for years. That's why you never improve. Take a lesson from a Russian strongman, and you'll finally pass our bar exam

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Three Exercises Where Heavier Is Better

Are you lifting too light of a load for these key exercises?


Rediscovering Nepal After April's Earthquakes

After the horrors of the April earthquake, Nepal’s authorities are keen to spread the message its mountains are again open for business. In that spirit, it’s time to experience the masochistic pleasures of taking the high road

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The GSP workout

Get UFC champion Georges St-Pierre’s killer total-body workout

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