What do girls see in older men?

July 3, 2012, 10:17 ammenshealth

My husband and I separated over his lust for girls less than half his age (23-24). He described his affairs as his need to "groom" them and for stroking his ego. What do young girls get out of wanting to look twice at a man who's old enough to be their father? - LC


They're three women with strong opinions, so don't expect sugar-coated responses.

Crystelle Hey LC, sorry to hear about your separation, but it sounds like you’re better off without him anyway! I know a couple of girls who are with older guys just because they felt a spark and fell in love. I also know a couple of girls who are with older guys for less noble reasons, eg, it’s all about the Benjamins baby. And yes, I just quoted P. Diddy.

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Alice Oh, this is Freud repressed-daddy-issues territory! I’d like to reserve my judgment, LC, considering a) I’m 25 and b) I think there are bigger issues at play, which three office girls can’t fully appreciate without the help of Dr Phil.

Cassie I’m sorry, "groom" them? That’s all I needed to hear. It’s awful to hear about your separation, but that there’s serious creep territory, LC. And I have absolutely no idea what’s in it for these girls. I already have a dad; I don’t need a daddy. Not for all the cash in the world . . .

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  1. Snuffle nose03:32pm Monday 01st July 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    Fortunately I have no tattoos on my body as I have elders in my house who kick from one country to the next. Plus I don't drink to get drunk and if I go to a pub it is have a decent meal, as country pubs are quite good at getting decent feed whist in a country town! I have a mate who is old enough to be my second dad but he treats me nice and I treat him nice and we go on bomb fire! If I drink it only for special occasions ie: Birthdays, reunions and New years festivals etc. But I keep tabs on how much goes thru my mouth. No more then two nips of spirits.

  2. robert10:27am Friday 30th November 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Women in Australia over 30 look disgusting because men accept them that way. go to China for a couple of months and see naturally beautiful women that are still attractive at 60.It's a real smack in the eye when you come home to the land of the FATSOS i can tell you.

  3. D.D.06:34pm Thursday 29th November 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Yep nothing wrong ?I'm 59 and my girl is 23 and we are happy .........................for how long how cares????????????

  4. EvaL05:20pm Thursday 29th November 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    I'm the younger half in our relationship. I'm 47, hubby is a youthful 69 (we met 15 years ago) & we couldn't be happier. I've always been attracted to men with a 10+ year age difference since I was a teenager. Why do I like older men? I don't believe it's daddy issues so I guess it's one of those attractions we're born with or not. What's in it for men? We all want to be treated as special. The times of stoic resignation in a boring marriage are ending and we all have heaps of choices. When a wife stops treating a husband as desirable (in the way HE NEEDS TO FEEL desirable - and it's not ONLY about sex but as a person, more importantly) he starts to look for that feeling elsewhere.

  5. iRiE04:47pm Thursday 29th November 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    so its okay for another woman to call another female a girl but as soon as a male does it its sexist love the double standards hahahha typical

  6. ronald j04:46pm Thursday 29th November 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    moggs, what has that to do with anything. This is not a forum for political debate, you are an idiot, a lobotomy would be the best thing for you, you goose !!!

  7. Liz03:52pm Thursday 29th November 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Are you absolutely sure it's his ego he wants stroking?

  8. Ed03:34pm Thursday 29th November 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    yeah karma back at you I am 47 have a 29 yr old wife and she has a female friend that's 46 that's married to a 66 yr old and know why now its because a woman the same age wont get along its fact the woman has to be 10 yrs younger than the man then you see how they get along so well because a womans mind is intelligent and need a intelligent man not a boy and I seen many break ups because the woman complains how there partner acts like a child ... fact is my ex wife just gives me demands and no sex . now im in heaven at your face lol p.s

  9. Moggs03:25pm Thursday 29th November 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Im a lot older than Julia Gillard but I certainly wouldn't be interested in her if she was the only woman on earth.......also she does the HELLO COCKY NOD when she speaks

  10. Scott02:51pm Thursday 29th November 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    I find it disrepectful, the notion that dating or taking interest in anyone younger than them is seen as 'trading up' the logic is that all relationships have trade off's whether it be financial, dependancy, or age bracket. Like black with white there should not be prejudice for either outcome. Its a free world and we should be able to follow our own desires so long as we are honest and open about our desired outcomes. I think younger Women can benefit greatly from an experience with an older man particularly when the age gap merely reflectsthe maturity Gap in most cases!

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