The 2011 MH MAN award

June 10, 2011, 9:51 ammenshealth

Our annual cover guy competition is back, bigger and better than ever before. Here’s how this year’s winners stack up



Dominique Requin

A former sprinter from Melbourne, 35-year-old Requin manages to stay in shape while balancing a busy career in IT service delivery and bringing up three kids. After emigrating from Mauritius as a 12-year-old, he later married his high school sweetheart. Requin prioritises his family’s health and fitness, working out in his home gym at 5am daily and doing something active with his kids on weekends. “I think my lifestyle now goes back to the way I grew up, he says. “It’s not over-engineered, it’s real simple. I would say the key is consistency.”


Broc CrannageThe ladies certainly loved Crannage with the 23-year-old Sydney brick cleaner dominating our sister magazine’s online readers’ poll. He proved he was more than just a pretty face though, with victories in the driving and physical challenge stages of the competition back in April. Crannage’s fitness routine revolves around compound Swiss ball movements that recruit multiple muscle groups. When he’s not in the gym he goes dirt biking, runs, cycles, or surfs. “A lot of people who work a hard day just come home and sit on the couch and eat bad food,” he says. “You’ve just got to get outdoors, whether it’s kicking a ball with the kids or going for a walk. It all helps.”


Joel SteelSteel was something of a party boy in his early twenties but the birth of twins nine months ago has helped the 27-year-old WA resident find a focus in life. He’s started his own online supplement business, on top of his full-time job as an estimating manager. The heavy workload doesn’t leave much time for exercise, but Steel manages to squeeze a workout into his lunch hour most days of the week. All the hard yakka is worth it, he says, if it means your family benefits.“I reckon you’ve got to have a goal to work towards in life,” he says. “But first you’ve got to find a reason for chasing that goal. I’m putting myself through all this hard work for my family.” Find out more about the Men's Health Man campaign

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  1. Ethan09:32am Monday 08th August 2011 ESTReport Abuse

    i was a little bit surprise when they announced the winner, Dominique have a history of alcohol abused, drugs and psychological disorder and even worst he took prohibited drugs from time to time, i just wonder whether the decision made is genuine.