Men trolled after eating meat in vegan restaurant

Kristine Tarbert
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
The men started eating ribs inside a vegan restaurant. Photo: Youtube/NELK

A group of Youtubers have been slammed online for being ‘assholes’ after taking to various vegan restaurants with their own serving of ribs.

The three men filmed a clip was originally posted to Youtube in 2018 and has been viewed almost 5.5m times, but’s been shared again this week on Reddit with the post receiving almost 2.5k comments in just 12 hours.

“Three dudes eating meat in a vegan restaurant and being assholes,” the post was titled, and plenty of others agreed with the sentiment.

“Harassing hourly wage workers is the height of limp d**k behaviour,” one person commented.

“What a way to occupy your time, these guys need f***ing hobbies,” another agreed.

“F***ing tossers. Wanna be a vegan, enjoy. Want to eat meat, enjoy. Happy for anyone to try and educate me to change my diet, but don’t be a f***ing d**k about it just for social media likes,” was another passionate response.

The guys were eventually asked to leave. Photo: Youtube/NELK

Plenty of others said the employees featured in the videos were much too patient, and should have mentioned that fact that is is generally universally not ok to eat food from other establishments inside a restaurant.

“The employees were way too patient with these tools,” one person said.

“The conversation should have been - Manager: ‘No outside food. You'll have to leave, please.’ Tools: ‘.....’ Manager: ‘Cool. I'm calling the cops. You're not welcome here again’.”

“‘No outside food’ is pretty much a standard for restaurants anyhow, isn't it? Like I can't think of any place that would let you bring another place's food inside,” another agreed.

Despite the reaction, the guys were not at all put off by the trolling after to their first clip, even filming a second one a few months later.

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