Melbourne Teen Becomes Youngest Person To Ski To The North Pole

Aussie teen Jade Hameister has become the youngest person in history to ski to the North Pole. Photo: Instagram

At just 14-years-old, Aussie Jade Hameister has become the youngest person in history to ski to the North Pole - and the first woman to make the journey in two years.

After a gruelling 150km trek, which was meant to take 21 days but due to bad conditions the journey was pushed out, with the Melbourne teen finally arrived at the North Pole on April 25.

"It was a pretty great feeling finally getting there," Jade told News Corp from Norway. "It was like nothing I expected, like a white planet Mars — weird but awesome."

"It was strange, there’s nothing there, the Pole keeps moving because of the sea ice - it was just a spot on a flat piece of ice.”

'We did it!!' Jade Hameister at the North Pole. Photo: Instagram

Hameister was accompanied on the trek by her father Paul Hameister, guide Eric Philips and National Geographic cameraman Petter Nyquist.

Nyquist's footage will be used in a documentary on the journey which will be released later this year.

As for what is next for the adventurous teenager, she has plans to tackle Greenland's vast icecap, but before that it's back to school for the teenager, "Not sure how I'm going to like sitting in a classroom" she wrote on Instagram.

"You have exactly one life in which to do everything you'll ever do. Act accordingly," she added.

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