This Melbourne cafe is charging $198 for a cup of coffee

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We all know Melbourne is famous for its coffee culture but just much will the city's residents pay for the perfect cup of joe?

$198 is the answer to that question if the pricing of the city's most prestigious coffee is anything to go off.

Image of $198 cup of Panama Gesha geisha coffee in Melbourne
Would you fork out $200 for this cup of coffee? Photo: Instagram/ gesha_coffee

Yep, a cafe in the city's suburb of Surrey Hills is charging customers just shy of $200 for a cup of their exclusive Yuzo-style Geisha coffee and people are paying up.

Gesha Cafe is run by owner Ken Taing, who keeps the beans in a gold cup and told 7News the brew is 'the most unique beautiful coffee in the world'.


The owner claims the coffee has notes of Japanese sake and champagne, and the outlet reports loyal customers partake in the expensive drop on a semi-regular basis.

Gesha Coffee owner Ken Taing with panama beans worth $200 per cup
Owner Ken Taing says the exclusive brew has notes of champagne and saké, and for $198 we should hope so. Photo: Instagram/ gesha_coffee

The reason for the staggering price is the bean itself, and extremely rare variety only recently discovered in Panama, believed to be an ancient Ethiopian varietal and commonly agreed to be the very best in the world.

The high price is also down to the fact that it's extremely difficult to grow, and so production is minimal, meaning if you get your hands on a cup you're one of the lucky ones.

Gesha has several varieties of the bean on rotation including Panama Lycello Gesha, the Juliette Gesha, the Panama Perci Gesha. the Lotus Batch #80, the Baru Gesha Black, the Ninety Plus Founders Selection, the Ninety Plus Gesha Flower and the Panama Ninety Plus Selection Serves.

In other words, there's plenty of astoundingly expensive beans to take out for a spin if you're so inclined.

The coffee is likely the most expensive in Melbourne, if not the entire country, but if it really tastes of saké and champagne we could be persuaded to part with our money for a sip of the liquid gold.

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