Melania Trump inspires unexpected baby name trend

The list of most popular baby names in America has been updated, and there’s a surprising addition climbing the ranks.

According to the US government’s Social Security Administration, 283 baby girls were named ‘Melania’ last year, making 2017 the most popular year for that name ever.

In fact, ‘Melania’ climbed up 720 spots on the list of most popular baby names; in 2016, it was at the 1,650th most popular spot, while in 2017, the moniker was the 930th most popular name. Still far from the top, but a noticeable improvement nonetheless.

Photo: Getty Images

Meanwhile, the rest of the list is less surprising, with ‘Liam’ and ‘Emma’ leading the pack. There are still some unique names on the list, though. For baby girls, the names that had the biggest increases in popularity were ‘Ensley’ and ‘Oaklynn’. 

Other names, like ‘Alexa,’ are decreasing in popularity, the Associated Press pointed out — possibly because new parents may not want their children to have the same name as Amazon’s voice assistant.

Among boys babies’ names, ‘Kylo’ is also decreasing in popularity.

Would you name your baby ‘Melania’? Photo: Getty

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