Melania Trump defies First Lady tradition with Jill Biden snub

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First Lady Melania Trump appeared to tell us how she really felt when she wore her ‘I really don’t care, do you?’ jacket in 2018.

And now she’s proving she will be sticking with that line until the bitter end, though it may not be something she has had any real choice in.

Dr Jill Biden and Melania Trump side by side as Melania snub Jill following Joe Biden's defeat of Donald Trump
There is a reason why Melania has not called Dr Jill Biden following Joe Biden's presidential win. Photo: Getty Images

The FLOTUS has raised eyebrows alongside her husband as the days tally up since Joe Biden defeated President Trump in the 2020 US election, and no attempt has reportedly been on Melania’s behalf to reach out to her successor Dr Jill Biden.

Traditionally defeated presidents and their partners will make a call or host a visit with the incoming presidential couple, as a symbol of the peaceful transfer of power by the democratic process.

CNN reports that not even a phone call has been made from Melania’s office to Dr Biden to congratulate her and welcome her into the position.


"It's my understanding that it's business as usual in the East Wing," an anonymous source told the outlet.

Within a week of defeat, the incoming president would typically be invited to the White House, as Melania and Trump were upon taking over from the Obamas four years ago.

Why Melania has been forced to snub

Melania and Donald Trump watch Dr Jill Biden cross the stage of an presidential debate to greet husband Joe
Melania's snub might not be a personal choice, a source says her hands are tied. Photo: Getty Images

Melania’s husband Donald Trump has refused to accept defeat and even made allegations of voter fraud upon learning Biden had secured the presidency.

There has been no base to the allegations of fraud and commentators across the political divide have slammed Trump over the move, describing it as ‘anti-democratic’.

All this has left Melania in a tough spot, with the source saying it’s ‘not fair’ to expect her to reach out given it would be completely at odds with her husband’s stance.

A phone call to Dr Jill Biden could, in fact, be seen as a direct contradiction to her husband’s position, and cause a major division within the outgoing administration.

Melania Trump Kisses Michelle Obama White House handover
The exchange of households between First Ladies is crucial but hasn't always been smooth sailing. Photo: Getty Images

The exchange between First Ladies is known to be a crucial one when it comes to setting up a new administration and hasn’t always been smooth sailing.

Famously, Nancy Regan and Rosalynn Carter were not fans of one another, with drama unfolding between them when the Carter administration had to hand over to Reagan.

Michelle Obama has also previously talked about the importance of a cordial handover, pointing out new staff need to be able to communicate with the old to keep the house running smoothly.

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