Melania Trump clone is a 'more than likely possibility', alien expert claims

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Last year the internet went into a spin when a conspiracy theory went viral that the First Lady of the United States, Melania Trump, had been replaced by a body double.

Then in June, social media again went into meltdown claiming “fake Melania” was back.

Could Melania Trump actually have a cloned double? Source: Getty

Being the curious creatures we are, we decided to take a deep dive into this theory, and ahead of the DVD release for season 11 of The X-Files, we got conspiracy and extraterrestrial life expert Mary Rodwell, to weigh in on the whole situation.

We’ll cut straight to the chase – the possibility of Melania actually having a body double is a definite one, at least according to Mary.

After the body double conspiracy went viral last year – and again in June – we decided to take a deep dive with extraterrestrial life expert Mary Rodwell into the situation. Source: Getty

“Anything is possible, probably even more than we think is possible,” Mary told Be. “There is a lot of evidence to show they (the government) have been cloning humans for a number of years.”

“So the possibility of replacing someone with a clone double is more than likely.”

WHAT. Our minds are blown.

It’s apparently more complex than just cloning humans.

Mary claims human DNA is now being digitised; whereby a human’s conscience is downloaded and uploaded into a new form, perhaps even into a clone.

And if you think that sounds like science fiction, Mary has an answer for that too; she claims many of the concepts and storylines explored on The X-Files actually happen in real life.

Specifically, the manipulation tactics the government and military can exert over our lives, and our perception of extraterrestrial life through the use of “black budgets”.

You can get your own dose of extraterrestrial life on season 11 of The X-Files – it is now out on DVD & Blu-ray. Source: Supplied

“Black budgets are to do with the fact that they are manipulating the understanding of the public [towards extraterrestrial life] by discrediting people who have experiences,” Mary claims.

Often people will have manipulated “fearful scenarios” with alien life forms – a concept the show also explores – which stops “people talking” about their experiences.

Take what you will of all of this, but we’re not going to lie, we’re pretty sucked in by this whole Melania clone theory.

You can get your own dose of extraterrestrial life on season 11 of The X-Files – it is now out on DVD & Blu-ray.

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