Melania refuses to hold Trump's hand again

Sarah Carty

If there’s one thing you can’t say about Donald Trump, it’s that he isn’t persistent when it comes to his wife.

For the second day in a row, Melania Trump has appeared to refuse to hold her husband, Donald Trump’s, hand in public.

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The persistent President of the United States was caught on camera yet again trying to take hold of his 47-year-old wife’s hand as they disembarked from the plane in Tel Aviv.

Melania appeared to refuse Donald Trump's hand yet again. Photo: YouTube
The pair were caught on camera exiting their plane at Tel Aviv airport. Photo: YouTube

The awkward exchange shows Melania side step the president gesture by appearing to move some hair away from her face.

Trump and Melania had just landed in Israel and were waving to the crowd when he decided to reach for Melania’s hand to help her down the stairs.

Melania however seemed to be having none of it and strutted down the stairs without her husband’s assistance.

Her move comes just one day after a video appeared to show Melania slapping Trump’s hand away when he reached for her.

However Melania seemed to snub her husband when he offered her assistance. Photo: YouTube
She then walked down the stairs without her husband's helping hand. Photo: YouTube

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife, Sara, greeted Trump and Melania on arrival in Tel Aviv.

The couples were then videoed walking across the tarmac towards the cars, where Trump tried to hold his wife’s hand.

However Melania appears to be captured ‘slapping’ away Trump’s hand when he reaches for her.

This isn’t the first time Melania has been caught on tape looking unimpressed with her husband.

On inauguration day she was famously smiling as her husband before he said something to her and her face went into a deep frown.

Melania Trump was captured on video arriving at Tel Aviv airport with her husband Donald Trump. Photo: YouTube
However she appears to 'slap' away her husband's hand when he reaches for her. Photo: YouTube

Melania was also caught 'flinching' at his touch and nudging her husband during the national anthem when he appeared to forget to raise his hand in salute.

The First Lady also recently liked a Tweet which read: “Seems the only wall Donald Trump’s built is the one between him and FLOTUS Melania”.

However once it was brought to her attention, Melania’s spokesperson denied she had any knowledge of it.

“The First Lady wasn’t aware of any of this until I brought it to her attention,” her spokeswoman said.

“It isn’t her primary account and we have since changed the passwords.”

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