Mel Greig: 'Tomato Sauce transformed my green pool hair'

Any blonde or fair-haired female could tell you about the struggles of summer. Chlorine in the swimming pool becomes our enemy.

While brunettes will get to dive into the pool with their floating, long locks, blondes will have their tresses in a tight bun or in some cases, wearing the super-sexy swimming caps in fear that our hair will turn green from the chemicals.

Sure enough, after day five of being in the pool and doing night swims after too many wines, I thought I would be rebellious and just jump in with my beautiful long blonde hair.

Tomato Sauce transformed my green pool hair: Mind Blown. Photo: Mel Greig

The next morning, I woke up with green hair. FML. I’m in Bali . . . what the hell do I do?

I put the call out on social media and I had some great suggestions of deep cleansing treatments, using anti-dandruff shampoo with bicarbonate soda mixed in.

But I couldn’t find any of the things they were suggesting at the small local shops.

Then a few interesting suggestions came through of tomato sauce, a.k.a ketchup.

It started quite the debate, hairdressers saying it wouldn’t work to people having tried it with no luck.

The idea behind the tomato sauce is that it apparently neutralizes green hair because green and red are opposites and should cancel each other out.

Plus of course tomatoes are highly acidic and should break through the toughest of barriers. I agreed with science, this was worth a shot and I had nothing to lose.

The hardest part was trying to order a giant bowl of ketchup from room service. They didn’t understand why I wanted to tip it on my head and they even suggested that maybe soy sauce would be more suitable.

I said I’m going for more of the giant French fry look rather than a dumpling. They didn’t laugh. But a bowl of ketchup was sent up.

I’d read about different methods and timings, such as wetting your hair first or putting it on dry hair and then glad wrapping your head – some suggested 10 minutes and others said 30 minutes.

The idea behind the tomato sauce is that it apparently neutralizes green hair because green and red are opposites and should cancel each other out. Photo: Mel Greig

Given the extent of my green hair I went with putting it on dry hair, no glad wrap and I left it on for 45 minutes.

Have you ever put your hand in a bowl of tomato sauce? The texture is quite distressing. I can’t even compare it to anything it was just a really strange feeling on my fingers.

I scooped up the sauce and started slathering it on my head.

Side note: you should definitely do it in the bathroom with towels down, it was sauce fest 2018 in my bathroom with sauce being slapped around everywhere.

It took about 10 minutes to coat, it needs to be thick and full coverage. Run a comb or your fingers through it and then whack some more on top of that.

The smell was revolting, and I felt disgusting, nothing about this experience was pleasant and I couldn’t really sit down, I just had to pace the room for 45 minutes.

I always thought that maybe tomato and baked beans had something sexy about them, like if I had to wrestle in something, I could do beans.

I take that back and in fact I don’t want to look at sauce or baked beans for a few months.

it worked incredibly well after only one sauce treatment. Photo: Mel Greig

After 45 minutes, I washed the sauce out and the bathroom looked like the shower scene from the movie psycho with the knife going jabby jab.

There was red liquid everywhere. It surprisingly came out really well, I shampooed and conditioned my hair with no trace of the sauce, but I could still smell it, a second wash was needed later that day.

But the big question DID IT WORK? Is the myth of tomato sauce in your hair to get rid of green pool hair true?

YESSSSSS it worked incredibly well after only one sauce treatment. So, over summer if you find yourself with green hair just get the sauce from the BBQ and squirt it all over your head. #demsexysummerfeels

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