Mel Greig: The secret to the perfect first date

Mel Greig

I don’t envy guys when they need to plan the first date. This is where potential life long memories and moments are created and looked back on if it goes further. The pressure to nail the perfect first date is undeniable - but what truly makes a first date perfect?

I feel a lot of guys have the wrong impression when it comes to what women want on a first date.

Yes, we might watch lots of romantic movies and the thought of a horse and carriage picking us up gives us all the romantic feels, but we actually have zero expectations that you will sweep us off our feet with roses, a five-star restaurant and a horse and carriage.

Who loves fumbling through a first date? No one. Photo: Instagram/melgreigradio

In saying that, that’s fine if you want to do that, but where do you go from there?

You’ve gone all in from day one, which will create a memorable moment but with that comes pressure given how much effort has been put into it.

One of my favourite things to do is go out for a seafood platter and bubbles and it’s not because I think I’m fancy, I just really freaking love a seafood platter.

But I honestly wouldn’t enjoy it as much on a first date because they can also be quite expensive and having the conversation at the end of the date as to whether you split it or not can be quite awkies. He will probably want to impress and pay for it but then he gets home and he’s like FML that was a $300 to $400 first date.

I also don’t think I could enjoy ripping crabs open and wearing a bib on the first date either, sneaking a prawn or two in my cleavage for later, so I wouldn’t be into that platter as much as I’d like to be.

You need a first date that is simple and comfortable. Where you don’t have to be dressed in your best trying to impress. You need a chance to be yourself, and to actually have a conversation that flows.

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I went on the ultimate first date and it was perfect because it was so comfortable.

He planned it and picked me up in his ute (it wasn’t pulled by horses) and we went to the beach. He pulled the back down and we sat on the back overlooking the beach and ate sushi (that he had picked up on the way) with sparkling water (way too fancy for me) and we had an incredibly open and great conversation for two hours.

No alcohol. No fine dining. No high heels. No expectations.

I was dressed in leggings and a comfy top too, which made for perfect ute sitting options. Everything about it was simple and easy. The only flaw was a tiny bit of wind that blew soy sauce into my weave, but I like to think that the wind made me look all wind swept and fabulous like a photo shoot.

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Hot tip to guys - don’t impress us by spending money, or trying to pulling out all stops. Impress us by just being real and showing us who you are. Have an honest conversation. You’d be surprised with how far it get’s you.

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