Mel Greig: 'Stop trying to recreate memories'

Ever tried to recreate a moment or holiday and it just wasn’t the same? That’s exactly what just happened to me on my last trip.

I’ve just returned from Hawaii. Over the past 10 years it’s been my favourite holiday destination with at least five visits under my belt.

‘Over the past 10 years Hawaii has been my favourite holiday destination.’ Photo: Supplied/ Mel Greig

I remember the first time I went to a Bubba Gump Shrimp restaurant and how excited my younger sister Alana and I were.

We took so many selfies with all of the Forrest Gump quotes around the place like “Run Forrest Run”. We couldn’t stop laughing.

‘We took so many selfies with all of the Forrest Gump quotes.’ Photo: Supplied/ Mel Greig

But I’ve been back to Bubba Gump three times since then and I never get that same feeling like I did on that first visit.

So, this time around I specifically wanted to do all the things that had been so enjoyable on my other trips. I wanted to re-live those memories and I soon realised that sometimes you just can’t recreate those moments.

I even tried to go to my favourite Hawaiian Nightclub where I’d gone on all the other trips.

‘I even tried to go to my favourite Hawaiian Nightclub.’ Photo: Supplied/ Mel Greig

In fact, the last time I went, I jumped up on the dance podiums with my friend and we got kicked out… but what a memory, we couldn’t stop laughing. #worthit.

I got dressed and was ready to do it all again. Arrived at the club and it had CLOSED DOWN!!!!! Whhhhy? So much fun was had on that dance floor.

But the final straw came when my friend and I planned to be naughty by putting a few Vodka Ice pre-mix drinks in a beach bag and have a cheeky drink on the beach.

‘We were failing at recreating memories.’ Photo: Supplied/ Mel Greig

We packed our bag and went for a walk. We were down near the Outrigger Resort and Sheraton Waikiki and we couldn’t believe what we were seeing – the whole path and beach was eroded, it was just water.

No sand. No spot for me to hide behind a kayak and drink out of an American Red Cup like the movies.

It was at this point where I said “Screw it” it’s time to create some new memories because trying to re-live some of my favourite moments of the past was failing miserably.

‘Make new memories instead.’ Photo: Supplied/ Mel Greig

I gathered the holiday crew and we decided to go to a bar that we had passed so many times and never gone into and we couldn’t believe the vibe when we walked in.

The place was huge, the drinks were flowing, and we ended up having the BEST NIGHT EVER!

I know it’s been a good night when I wake up the next day and am told I crawled home and got undressed on the balcony which I had mistaken for the shower.

‘I ended up naked at the gym.’ Photo: Supplied/ Mel Greig

I’m very classy like that. But it was a new memory, and one I definitely won’t try and recreate.

This isn’t just about holidays though, let your favourite memories be isolated and don’t try and recreate them because you’ll feel disappointed if you don’t experience the same feelings.

Let memories be memories, and put your focus into trying new things and making NEW memories.

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