Mel Greig: I was my own Prince Charming

What’s on your bucket list? I’ve had a few things on there for a while that I just haven’t ticked off and that’s because I’ve been waiting for my Prince Charming to sweep me off my feet and create those moments for me.

Well, I got sick of waiting for Prince Charming, so I decided to tick off one memory myself and if I’m honest I’ve been in two five year plus relationships and they didn’t make this experience come to fruition for me then either. So, really… why are we waiting for someone else to create our memories?

Over the weekend I ticked off hot-air ballooning and it’s an adventure a lot of us have thought about doing, for me I always saw it as a romantic experience and it’s something I wanted to do with a partner.

I got sick of waiting for Prince Charming so I went hot-air ballooning myself. Source: Mel Greig

I’m still single and life is too short, if I die tomorrow and I haven’t gone hot-air ballooning I would be disappointed with myself.

So, I grabbed a bottle of champagne from the boss’ desk and made it happen… Side note: I had no idea that particular bottle that I grabbed was, in fact, $150 French Champagne so oopsie but also yay for me.

I popped a bottle of champagne and we were off. Source: Mel Greig

I had a preconceived vision that hot-air ballooning would be loud and scary, I was fascinated with how serene and safe it actually felt.

You literally stand in what can only be described as a giant picnic basket and the flooring and sides were all cushioned, so it was ridiculously comfortable, and I felt safe knowing that I literally had a cushioned fall if the worst happened on my adventure.

The spontaneous pumps of fire to send her up were loud but also acted like a portable heater, it really added to it but the shock of how quiet it was in-between the flames surprised me the most. Complete serenity. It literally felt like we were floating in the sky… yes, I am aware that’s what we were actually doing, but you couldn’t really feel yourself going higher and higher you just peacefully drift.

It was complete serenity as you slowly drift across the sky. Source: Mel Greig

The only thing that scared me about this magical experience was the fear of dropping my phone over the side of the picnic basket, the selfie game up in the sky is so on point especially with the sun rising in the background.

I popped my champagne and created a magical moment for myself, that in itself gave me an empowering satisfaction. I can now always hold onto that memory and know that it’s mine, I don’t have to cut an ex-boyfriend out of a picture. I had my friend Lydia with me and it was perfect.

Don’t wait for someone else to create your memories, take control and do it yourself because you won’t regret it… but you could regret not EVER doing it.

Don’t wait for a man to create memories, start creating them yourself! Source: Mel Greig

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