Mel Greig: Parents, it's time to celebrate those mortifying public fails

“Mum’s X-rated kid’s lunch goes viral”. That’s a headline I saw this week and I couldn’t stop laughing.

This poor mum genuinely thought that the pasta she bought was smiley face pasta – it had two eyes with a long nose and smile. She was mortified when she realised she had in fact just served her kids penis-shaped pasta. She was accidentally an inappropriate parent and it’s something I can relate to.

Reading about that mum’s mistake took me back to my childhood. My family was in the lower income bracket and any gifts or freebies were incredibly appreciated and welcomed because we couldn’t afford to buy fancy things.

Mum Rebecca was mortified when she accidentally served her children penis pasta. Photo: Facebook/Rebecca Brett

This was definitely the case with brand name clothing, so when a family friend bought me a shirt from Bali that resembled the ADIDAS logo, mum was thrilled that I finally had my first cool shirt at the age of 11.

On closer inspection we saw that it actually said “ADIHASH” and the three-stripe logo was actually shaped as a leaf (at the time we had no idea what that meant). I figured it was still cool and wore it all the time, and it wasn’t until five years later we actually realised what hash was #soawkies.

Parents embrace your fails – your kids will too. Photo: Instagram/melgreigradio

Another parent was caught out recently by sending her young son to school in what she thought was just a McDonalds T-shirt. All she saw was the giant yellow M… until the school sent her son home for wearing an inappropriate T-shirt.

Mum Shelly McCullar didn’t notice this wasn’t quite the McDonald’s logo on her son’s shirt. Photo: Facebook

Turns out the ‘M’ was in fact shaped as two legs in a compromising position and she was ‘McLovin It’ – again just an innocent but hilarious mistake.

I have now made a similar mistake with my Moodle dog, Mia. Yes, she counts as a child and yes, I’m a parent. This really was accidental and maybe it’s just me that finds this inappropriate, but I bought Mia a new giant pink lipstick toy and all I can see when she runs around with it in her mouth is a pink stick, and, well, it reminds me of a willy.

After all isn’t a male dog’s man part referred to as a lipstick? A mind of its own that comes out to say hello whenever it wants? It’s all I can see when she wants me to play fetch, and I just think, ‘Beb, mummy can’t even catch one of her own, Imma need to confiscate that.’

Seeing Mia play with her little pink toy made me think to how both of those parents were mortified when they realised their parenting fail, but to them I say THANK YOU.

I see a lot of new parents stressed out about trying to make everything perfect, and worrying about making a mistake that makes them look like a bad parent or being judged.

Do you realise that when your children are old enough to really understand, they’ll actually think you are the coolest parent for going viral like that? For making everyone laugh? Just claim it. Parenting is one of the toughest gigs around and it’s too stressful to not stop along the way and pee yourself laughing at situations like this.

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