Mel Greig: Do mums really watch adult films during the day?

I have just commenced a 10-week body transformation so I’m running my days with a strict routine which also only allows one hour of TV watching a day. The plan is to keep as active and as busy as I can.

When I thought about what I should fill that one hour with, the decision didn’t come lightly. The one hour of indulgence couldn’t be wasted on channel flicking or on half a movie.

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I have a lot of friends now who are onto their second or third child and they too, if they’re lucky, will only have that one hour special gap to do something for themselves, so I wanted to find out what they would watch to indulge.

Cue conversation with my friend Susan (hubby doesn’t need to know, so she will simply be known as Susan) about a TV series I didn’t even know existed. It’s a show on Stan called ‘Gigolos’ and each episode goes for 40 minutes which is perfect, and with over six seasons she was covered for most of the year.

Here I am thinking “Oh cool, so it’s like a documentary or fiction series of guys selling their bodies to work their way through college?” She answered with “Um, you basically watch hot guys having real sex on camera – it’s basically porn.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I’m sorry what? YOU WATCH THAT FOR REAL? I didn’t even know that was allowed on TV. I didn’t believe her, and I still had this vision that it would show the male gigolo meeting his lady friend and then the cameras would cut when it came to doing jiggy jig.

I was wrong. YOU SEE EVERYTHING. The lady who has hired the gigolo allows the camera crew in to film it, they get naked I see her boobies and lady parts and then he strips off too.

Yep, this is a legit show. Photo:

So, of course I needed to do further research and I am currently two seasons in and may have broken my one hour a day rule.

My friend Susan isn’t the only one making the most of their spare time, two other mothers said they will try and find something raunchy to watch because it’s something completely different to the life they are currently living, and it makes sense. The last thing a mum will want to watch if she has the TV to herself is ABC Kids or Thomas the Tank Engine.

She wants to get her motor running and I think that’s brilliant. Mums, do what you need to do to keep yourself happy amongst the chaos.

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