Meghan's half-brother says she's 'embarrassed' by her family

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She’s planning one of the biggest weddings of the century but Meghan Markle will no doubt be distracted by news that another one of her family members has spoken out against her.

In an interview with Channel 7’s Sunday Night, the 36-year-old actress’s half-brother, Thomas Markle Jr, said he believes the future royal is ‘embarassed’ of her family.

“She’s probably embarrassed at some of the stories and accusations and, you know …” he told Melissa Doyle.

“She can’t forget about her family, because … we’re never gonna go away. We’re always gonna be her family,” he said.

Meghan Markle’s half brother, Thomas Markle, has spoken out. Photo: Channel 7/Sunday Night
He claims Meghan is probably ’embarrassed’ by her family. Photo: Getty Images

Thomas, who has previously claimed he has no idea why he wasn’t invited to the Windsor Castle wedding of his half-sister and Prince Harry on May 19th, went on to say that he’s still proud of her.

“I didn’t even know that we had a falling-out, so I would like to see her again, yeah,” he said.

“I want to give her a hug and tell her how proud I am of her, but, you know, I really have to travel a really long way to do that.”

Back in February, Thomas gave an interview to to In Touch magazine, where he slammed his future royal step-sister for claiming he was “distant family”.

“My lawyer had a phone meeting with her lawyer, and he emailed me some of [Meghan’s] direct words,” Thomas said in the interview.

“She said, ‘That’s distant family and I don’t know those people.’

Thomas claims he can’t understand why he wasn’t invited to the wedding. Photo: Channel 7/Sunday Night

Thomas, who was 16-years-old and living with Meghan’s father, Thomas Markle senior, when Meghan was born, went on to call it ‘a slap in the face’ and ‘below the belt’.

He’s not the only family member who has lashed out at Meghan, with her uncle even calling her behavior ‘uncalled for’.

Michael Markle, who is the brother of Meghan Markle’s father, Thomas Markle, told the Express he couldn’t understand why his niece has decided to leave him off the guest list for her upcoming wedding.

Michael said he helped Meghan out with an internship when she was an aspiring actress and ‘didn’t ask for anything in return’.

“I don’t understand why she has been so indifferent towards me,” Michael said.

Meghan and Harry are due to walk down the aisle on May 19th. Photo: Getty Images

“It’s uncalled for. I helped her out, and I didn’t ask for anything in return.

“I’m upset and surprised about not being selected, but if they don’t want me there, then I don’t want to go.”

The former Suits actress’s half-sister, Samantha Markle, also didn’t get an invite in the post.

“The Markle family is looking forward to our wedding invites,” she wrote on Twitter at the beginning of this month.

“No-one has one yet. Still waiting. I hope London is wheelchair friendly. Excited!”

“At issue is not a matter of closeness as more than 1000 complete strangers are invited. Family is family,” she said.

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