Meghan Markle refusing to fall for Thomas’ ‘emotional blackmail’

Allison Yee
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It’s the very public war of words that’s seen Meghan Markle refuse to acknowledge the accusations of abandonment and estrangement thrown her way by her angry dad Thomas Markle.

Now a friend of the Duchess of Sussex has revealed this isn’t the first time she’s had to deal with this kind of behaviour from her father.

A source claims Meghan has seen this behaviour from her father Thomas before. Photo: Getty

Following numerous interviews from Thomas, 74, where he claims he has no way of contacting his daughter, and she would be better off if he was dead, one of Meghan’s inner circle has revealed the fractured history between the pair.

“Behavior like his doesn’t happen overnight,” the source told the Daily Mail. “Why do you think her parents got divorced in the first place?”

Claiming Meghan has no intention of contacting her dad in the near future as she no longer trusts him to keep their relationship private, the source hints Thomas’ behaviour had a huge impact on the 37-year-old star growing up.

Thomas has repeatedly spoken out in the media about his estrangement with his daughter Meghan. Photo: Good Morning Britain.

“Meghan’s had to deal with a lot of self esteem issues growing up with a narcissist,” added the source. “She has tools to cope with emotional blackmail.”

While some have pointed the finger towards Kensington Palace for their failure to help protect Thomas against the huge media scrutiny after his daughter met and wed Prince Harry, the retired television lighting director’s continued attempts to reach out via the world’s media has reportedly seen Meghan recoil from the relationship.

Meghan reportedly hasn’t spoken to her father ever since her May wedding to Prince Harry.Photo: Getty

Determined to avoid “toxic relationships”, the friend claims Meghan hasn’t cut her father off for good – but won’t be bullied into contacting him.

“That’s Meghan,” revealed the source. “She does not have a bad bone in her body, but she’s not falling for her dad’s crocodile tears. She’s been down that road far too many times before.”

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