The Meghan Markle myth everyone's getting wrong

There are plenty of internet myths surrounding the royal family, and Meghan Markle has not been spared the rumour mill since marrying Prince Harry.

It’s only been a handful of weeks, but already it has been widely claimed that Meghan has been barred from having bare legs in public or wearing colourful nail varnish.

There’s even one theory that every female member of the royal family wears the exact same Essie shade.

You’ve probably seen such headlines being shared widely on social media.

But no such rules exist, says royal biographer and Majesty magazine editor-in-chief, Ingrid Seward.

Meghan’s pale tights, worn to Prince Charles’ 70th birthday party on May 22, sparked plenty of conversation [Photo: Rex]

When asked if Meghan Markle has to wear tights and nude polish on her nails during episode two of Yahoo UK’s ‘The Royal Box’, Seward was quick to refute the theory.

“No, that’s not true,” she says.

“Camilla used to wear bright red nail varnish. I read somewhere you have to wear nude nail varnish and that’s simply not true.

“And you don’t have to wear tights. I think Meghan is probably trying to get it right and feels more comfortable wearing tights.”

Seward is referring to the tights Meghan wore during her first appearance as the Duchess of Sussex.

The 36-year-old drew criticism for her overly pale pair of tights worn on a warm May day.

In November, Meghan chose to appear sans tights for her engagement photocall, suggesting she was comfortable going bare-legged on a cold day.

Meghan kept her legs bare for her engagement photocall at the end of November 2017 – despite the cold weather [Photo: Getty]

It will take time for Meghan to settle on her new ‘look’, says stylist Grace Woodward.

“I love her natural style. I love her casual style. I actually think as an actress she was nailing it. I think this transition into a Duchess is illuding her slightly,” Grace tells Yahoo UK

“I think she’s trying to look like an English rose, which she’s not. She is an English Duchess but we want her [to be her].”

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