Meghan Markle Had a Secret Reunion Last Year With One of Her 'Suits' Co-Stars

She and Prince Harry apparently looked "very much in love."

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It’s been years since Meghan Markle last played paralegal Rachel Zane, but she still makes time to return to the Suits universe. According to actor Wendell Pierce, the former co-stars had a secret Suits reunion last year, and he said the actress turned entrepreneur appeared to be unbothered and thriving in her marriage amidst the couple’s ongoing feud with the royal family.

During an interview at the 2024 Tony Awards on Sunday, June 16, the actor (he played Markle’s father on the series) said Prince Harry also joined the pair’s under-the-radar hangout.

“When [Meghan] came into town, she got an award last year, had a chance to say hello and wish she and Prince Harry well and wish the children well,” he told People. “They [looked] very much in love and were very happy, so that’s the most important thing.”

He appeared to be referring to when Markle visited New York City last May to receive the Ms. Foundation’s Women of Vision Award at the foundation’s annual gala.

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While some of Markle’s other Suits co-stars recently revealed they aren’t close to her anymore, Wendell said he’s hung out with Markle a few times since the series ended in 2019.

“I've gotten to see her just a few times since, and we've been able to reminisce and so it's real, we have fond memories of working together,” he added, saying it was “a blast” to act alongside the American Riviera Orchard businesswoman.

Back in January, Gina Torres said the Suits group chat was excited after the 2010 show enjoyed a resurgence in popularity with record-breaking streaming numbers on Netflix in 2023.

"When it all came through, we were all texting each other," Torres told Variety on the Golden Globes red carpet. "Yes, our text thread is insane right now. So, it’s very exciting."

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She revealed that Markle wasn’t part of the text thread—but there weren’t any hard feelings.

"We don’t have her number. We just don’t,” she said. “So, she’ll see, she’ll watch. She’ll be happy that we’re here."

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