How Meghan Markle is defying the Queen's rules

Eliza Velk
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When it comes to the royal family, women are supposed to adhere to certain etiquette guidelines set by example from the Queen. 

And while Kate Middleton is considered a prime model of the royal dress standards, here sister-in-law Meghan Markle has proved she’s not afraid to push the boundaries when it comes to fashion.

Time after time the Duchess of Sussex has stunned fans with her stylish outfit choices however we can’t imagine the royal family, especially the Queen, would be too thrilled about the countless rules she has already broken.

Here is how Meghan has already defied the Queen after officially becoming a royal family member:

Rule one: No skirts above the knee
Meghan Markle’s choice of the sexy-tuxedo dress had everyone talking after it broke at least four royal fashion rules. Source: Getty

Rarely gets to wear something even slightly sexy. So who could blame her for taking the opportunity to show some skin on date night?

Anything that comes across slightly sexy – such as short dress is often frowned upon for royal women.

The general rule set by the Queen is ‘no knees’ for formal events and only and for any other events the hemline is to be only an inch or two higher.

However, Meghan broke that rule with the thigh-skimming sexy tuxedo dress she wore while attending a gala performance of Hamilton at Victoria Palace Theatre in London last week.

Rule two: Do not go bare-legged
Meghan Markle is a repeat-rule breaker when it comes to baring her legs without stockings. Source: Getty

Another rule that just doesn’t seem to sit well with the Duchess is the one that suggests royal women must always wear nude tights.

Meghan Markle seems to be a repeat rule-breaker when it comes to this one as she is often seen sporting bare legs including when she stunned in yellow at the Your Commonwealth Youth Challenge reception, along with her iconic engagement photos.

Rule three: No black outfits
Meghan Markle dressed in all black while attending the Women’s Empowerment reception. Source: Getty

Notice how the Queen always loves her bright coloured outfits?

Well, that is likely because royals are encouraged to avoid wearing the colour black unless in mourning or attending a Remembrance day event.

However black would probably be up there as one of Meghan’s most worn colour

One of the most memorable is the sleek cut dress she wore to the Women’s Empowerment reception in April.

Rule four: No shoulders on show
The time Meghan Markle broke protocol with an off the shoulder dress at Trooping the Colour 2018. Source: Getty

Anything that leaves the shoulders bare is often considered too revealing for royal fashion standards.

So while Meghan may have looked the part of the elegant princess when she dressed in a pale pink number for the Trooping the Colour event in June, the Duchess was still called out for her off the shoulder dress.

Rule five: No trouser suits
Meghan Markle loves a pantsuit, pictured here with Prince Harry at the WellChild Awards on Tuesday. Source: Getty

When was the last time the Queen was seen wearing a trouser suit? Probably never. Typically royal women avoid the outfit choice and instead almost always opt for dresses and skirts.

However fashion-forward Meghan often flaunts the ‘I mean business’ look and she sure wears it well.

Her most recent suit appearance is actually just yesterday when she attended the WellChild Awards at Royal Lancaster Hotel with Prince Harry by her side.

Rule six: Carry a clutch
Shoulder bags are typically a no-go for royal women, yet Meghan Markle still seems to be a fan. Source: Getty

A lesser-known practice is that royal women will most often carry a clutch in hand rather than sport a shoulder bag.

However, Meghan still seems to be a fan of the body-cross bags including the one she wore while attending the  Commonwealth Youth Forum in April. 

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