Meghan Markle could be the new Martha Stewart, says Endgame author Omid Scobie

Meghan Markle could be the new Martha Stewart, says Endgame author Omid Scobie

Omid Scobie has suggested the Duchess of Sussex could become the new Martha Stewart amid ongoing speculation about her career since resigning from the royal family three years ago.

Scobie’s new book Endgame: Inside the Royal Family and the Monarchy’s Fight for Survival will be released in the UK on 28 November.

In a new interview with The Independent, the 42-year-old journalist claimed Meghan might embark on a career like Stewart’s in the wake of her and Prince Harry’s departure from the royal family.

He said that while Meghan is unlikely to revive her lifestyle blogThe Tig, she’s focussed on building “something more accessible, something rooted in her love of details, curating, hosting, life’s simple pleasures, and family” instead.

When asked to elaborate, Scobie replied: “I’m not being deliberately mysterious. My mind always goes to [Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle business] Goop, but when I suggested that to someone with some knowledge they said, ‘Oh, no, this isn’t going to be about selling products.’ So who knows? The next Martha Stewart?”

The 82-year-old lifestyle guru, Stewart wears many hats: cookbook author, television personality, businesswoman, media mogul.

Scobie also suggested that Meghan is waiting to escape the shadow of the royal family before launching a new venture.

“They insisted the reason she didn’t come to the coronation was because of Archie’s birthday,” he said.

“But I know from other people in their orbit, being dragged into all the media coverage and hysteria that comes with her being within 10 feet of the royal family was enough to deter her and is clearly something she wants to steer away from.”

The Independent has contacted a representative for the Sussexes for comment.

 (Calder Publicity/HarperCollins)
(Calder Publicity/HarperCollins)

There has been near-ongoing speculation about which way Meghan will steer her career in the aftermath of quitting the royal family.

When she signed with renowned talent agency William Morris Endeavour in April, fans theorised that it meant the former Suits actor was eyeing an acting comeback.

According to Variety, however, the scope of the deal only covers film and TV production projects, brand tie-ups and business development, while acting will not be a focus.

Earlier this month, it was suggested that Meghan could follow in the footsteps of broadcaster Oprah Winfrey by landing a US talk show.

Royal expert and author of a book about King Charles, Christopher Andersen said he “would be surprised” if the duchess “doesn’t end up hosting a daytime syndicated talk show” in an interview with Fox News.

“She certainly seems well-suited to that role in particular, and I can easily see her pursuing a career path similar to Oprah’s in the media: a show, a magazine, producing, directing – the works,” the 74-year-old American journalist said. “She still has a sizeable chunk of the viewing public in her corner.”

Scobie’s new book examines the monarchy’s bid to remain relevant in the 21st century, as he explores the allegedly strained relationship between King Charles and Prince William, the impossibility of a reconciliation between the heir and spare, Prince Harry, as well as Princess Kate’s bid to become future queen.

You can read The Independent’s review here.