This is why Meghan Markle chose her wedding reception dress

One of the most memorable moments from this year’s royal wedding was Meghan Markle stepping out in a white halter dress that she changed into for her wedding reception.

Stella McCartney dishes on why she was picked to design Meghan Markle’s royal wedding reception gown (Photo via Getty Images)

While her wedding dress may have caused a bigger buzz — and not necessarily in a positive way — the white, silk evening gown was a show-stopping number designed by Stella McCartney.

Now In an interview with ELLE UK, the designer speculated on why Meghan enlisted her.

“I have had moments in my career where I’ve caught up with Gwyneth Paltrow or Madonna and was like, ‘Can I dress you for that?’… But this time around, they were drawn to me,” she said.

“Meghan approached me,” she said. “I think Meghan chose me for reasons other than just a beautiful dress — plenty of people can do that. And I think, obviously I am a British designer, but I think being a woman and being a women’s woman played a part.”

Oprah also wore a Stella McCartney design to the royal wedding (Photo via Getty Images)

No stranger to sporting the designer’s looks, the Duchess of Sussex also wore Stella McCartney for the Queen’s birthday in April and during a trip to Cardiff in January.

Despite the fact that the pair are good friends, Stella admits being asked to design the evening gown was still exciting.

“I was honoured and I still am,” she said.

Other notable Stella looks from the royal wedding were Amal Clooney and Oprah which she said it’s typically the same personality types that wear her iconic looks.

“They are all women’s women. It’s a big deal.”

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