Meghan is making Harry 'a boring robot,' rants Piers Morgan

Meghan Markle has turned Prince Harry into ‘a robot’, since their wedding, according to Piers Morgan. Photo: Getty Images

Controversial columnist Piers Morgan has claimed Meghan Markle has turned Prince Harry into ‘a robot,’ during another on-air rant against the couple.

Since their Royal wedding last year, reports have continually suggested the duchess has banned Prince Harry from drinking alcohol and caffeine – including tea and coffee.

While the prince is also reported to have quit smoking after meeting his wife, it was a speech he gave at a WE Day UK event that provoked Morgan’s ire on Good Morning Britain on Thursday.

The former Daily Mirror editor lambasted Meghan for making the prince ‘boring’.

‘I preferred him when he was playing naked billiards in Vegas,’ Morgan said, referencing naked photos of the prince that were leaked to the press in 2012.

“I’m not being funny, but what has happened to him? He can’t have a drink, he can’t have caffeine, he’s reading out this guff.”

“I preferred him when he was playing naked billiards in Vegas,” Morgan said on the program. Photo: Good Morning Britain

Morgan’s co-host Susannah Reid defended the prince, interrupting Morgan’s rant to tell him: “He doesn’t have to give up alcohol and caffeine, he has his own mind.”

Morgan responded: “He doesn’t have his own mind, he’s reading like a robot.”

The outspoken TV host then went on to question whether Harry had even written the speech he’d read at the charity event which aims to inspire young people be a part of positive social change around the world.

Prince Harry and Meghan took to the stage at We Day UK at SSE Arena. Photo: Getty Images

Among its stand-out passages were ‘one of his wife’s favourite quotes’ made famous by Martin Luther King.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that,” he told the packed crowd.

Harry was later joined on stage by his pregnant wife, following the speech which gave young people a “to do” list for the future.

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