The Meat Kate Middleton Enjoys On Pizza

Kate Middleton smiling
Kate Middleton smiling - Karwai Tang/Getty Images

It may seem odd to picture members of the royal family eating pizza, but beneath their crowns, the famous Brits are just like us and enjoy a few slices from time to time. King Charles III is one of the royal family's biggest pizza connoisseurs and even launched his line of pizzas for visitors to his Balmoral estate in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, to chow down on earlier this year (via Daily Mail). Unsurprisingly, his grandchildren, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, are also fans of the Italian delicacy, as is their mother, Kate Middleton, whom Pop Sugar reports opted for pizza as her postpartum meal after giving birth to her firstborn.

So what kind of pie does the Princess of Wales prefer? In 2019, the Princess of Wales revealed that she enjoys a somewhat non-traditional topping while spending the day making pizzas with a group of schoolchildren at King Henry's Walk Garden in London. In one video of the event shared to X, formerly known as Twitter, the royal asks her new friends what their ideal pizza toppings are before sharing one of her faves.

"Does anyone ever put bacon on a pizza?" she asked the kids, which didn't exactly draw a positive reaction from the crowd of youngsters. "Do you not think that sounds good? Well, I quite like that actually ... It's like having pepperoni but it's not as spicy," she explains.

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Kate Middleton's Pizza Topping Confession Had The Internet Up In Arms

A pizza topped with bacon and a side of ranch.
A pizza topped with bacon and a side of ranch. - Jet's Pizza/Facebook

We can't say we were totally surprised to learn about Kate Middleton's penchant for bacon on pizza, especially since her go-to royal breakfast isn't what we expected, either. Yet, for much of the internet, the royal's 2019 pizza topping confession was almost on par with the conversation around pineapple on a pie. The news was met with a mix of opinions, with some people admitting to also being fans of bacon on their 'za and others saying they would be willing to give it a try. Several other netizens expressed their disapproval of Middleton's pizza preference and the subsequent reasoning behind it.

Of course, everybody is entitled to their own opinions. However, in the case of whether or not bacon is an acceptable pizza topping, we'll look to the Italians for some clarity. According to Grand Voyage Italy, only pork-based meats are used in authentic Italian pizza. Therefore, being that bacon is made from pork, it appears that the Princess of Wales' topping choice passes the test.

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