How to Measure Half an Egg for a Recipe

For the days you just want a few cupcakes instead of a dozen.

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I love baking, but living as a single person in a one-bedroom apartment, it doesn’t always make sense for me to bake an entire batch of brownies each time I get a craving for a sweet treat. That’s why I love measuring out ingredients to make smaller batches at a time.

But as much as this has become my go-to method for enjoying baked treats throughout the week, measuring out flour and sugar is much easier than an egg. That’s because an egg is a complete ingredient consisting of two distinct components that are often both important for an array of recipes like cookies and cakes. Attempting to portion out a recipe with eggs is tough since you can't isolate just the yolk or egg white; each holds essential elements like fat in the yolk and protein in the egg white. But the solution is simple: Whisk the egg before you divide.

How Much Does an Egg Weigh?

For measuring context, many recipes often call for a large egg, which is approximately two ounces in weight or roughly ¼ cup by volume. Within this large egg, the egg white alone typically weighs about 1 ¼ ounce while an egg yolk is about 20 grams, approximately 30 percent of the egg's total weight.

How to Measure a Whole Egg In Half

If your recipe requires an entire egg, halving it is incredibly easy. Simply crack an egg into a small bowl and mix the egg white and yolk together with a whisk or fork. From there, divide by its weight, or by volume for your recipe.

How to Measure Half an Egg White

If you’re baking something like a sheet cake or meringue that just uses egg whites, it’s just as seamless to halve an egg white. Crack an egg, separating the yolk from the white and then portion out half of that egg white for your recipe. As mentioned, a large egg white weighs about 1 ¼ ounces, so you can portion it out with a scale if that is easier for you.

How to Measure Half an Egg Yolk

The same concept applies to halving an egg yolk. Crack an egg, separate the yolk from the egg white. Lightly mix the yolk so it’s easier to divide and then portion out for your recipe. An egg yolk is roughly 20 ounces, so depending on how much you are portioning your recipe you can divide by weight.

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