The McDonald's Ordering Hack To Get Fresh Eggs For Breakfast

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While fast-food restaurants often receive criticism for their freshness (or lack thereof), sometimes you just need to do a bit of research to find the best dishes to order up if you want to avoid the reheated stuff. Eggs are a common offering at most fast-food chains, but not all of them treat eggs the same way. Some use pre-packaged eggs, others use substitutes, and some rely on frozen eggs that are reheated. Only a select few fast-food spots use fresh eggs and crack them right when you place your order.

Wendy's, for instance, is known for using exclusively freshly cracked eggs, while McDonald's uses them specifically for its famous Egg McMuffin. Other items on McDonald's breakfast menu may feature eggs that are prepared and heated differently. However, if you really want that fresh egg in your dish, you can request the use of a freshly cracked Egg McMuffin egg or a "round egg" to enjoy fresh eggs versus the folded prepackaged eggs the chain often serves for breakfast. However, it's worth noting that not all of McDonald's breakfast items can have the round egg substituted in (these get their signature round shape thanks to using an egg ring for consistency). Additionally, there are some caveats to consider when placing your order, as you might incur extra costs depending on how you customize it.

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How And When You Can Order A Fresh Egg

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Surprisingly, McDonald's indicates that eggs are prepared in five different ways in most of its restaurants, but only one menu item uses fresh eggs. If you order an Egg McMuffin, you're in luck. A fresh egg is cracked into a special mold placed over the flat-top grill to achieve that distinctive round shape and the perfect fit for your sandwich. For McGriddles, biscuits, and bagel sandwiches, you can request a round egg (aka a fresh egg) either at the restaurant or through the mobile app. However, when using the app, keep in mind that you'll be charged an additional $2 for requesting a round egg. Prices may vary depending on the restaurant location.

You might be able to avoid this extra charge by ordering in person and having a verbal exchange with the staff. Also, while you cannot order a round egg for the Big Breakfast on the app, you might be able to request it at the restaurants. Unfortunately, the Sausage Burrito cannot have a fresh egg substituted due to the unique way this menu item is prepared using pre-cooked liquid eggs.

How All The Egg Dishes Are Made At McDonald's

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Although not all McDonald's breakfast eggs are cracked when ordered (here are some menu items you might want to avoid), they are considered real eggs. McDonald's is transparent about its ingredients and cooking methods, making it easy to find information about the contents of your breakfast sandwich on the website. Items excluding the Egg McMuffin generally use liquid or pre-cooked liquid eggs. Eggs that contain stabilizers or other added ingredients are still real eggs, but they are not considered fresh.

If you order up scrambled eggs, for instance, you will be consuming liquid eggs that are cooked fresh with butter on McDonald's grills. Folded eggs, on the other hand, refer to liquid eggs that are pre-cooked, folded, and flash-frozen, which are then heated when you place an order. These eggs are used in Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Biscuits. Lastly, those ordering Sausage Burrito Eggs should note that these eggs are pre-cooked liquid eggs that are flash-frozen and then reheated on the premises once an order is placed. Sadly you can't sub in fresh eggs for this dish.

So if you really want that fresh egg taste, make sure to request a round egg next time you're ordering off the breakfast menu -- but keep in mind, not all dishes can comply.

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