The McDonald's Hack That's Dirty In All The Right Ways

mcdonald's fries and sauces
mcdonald's fries and sauces - yesfotographer/Shutterstock

No, McDonald's didn't suddenly become a mud farm, but this secret menu hack is messy, so bring a fork. We're talking about McDirty Fries, of course. This viral TikTok hack is a game changer. While most people eat fries as a side with their burgers, this hack makes fries the star of the show. Since McDonald's doesn't have loaded fries, customers have been assembling their own.

McDirty Fries is a sign that a new British Invasion is underway at McDonald's locations in the United States. Previously, we covered the McDonald's Macfries hack that made a splash across the pond. Customers in the U.K. were adding everything from mozzarella fries to chicken tenders to their fries and drenching them in sauce. Then, one TikToker in the U.S. attempted to change the game with Big Mac fries, which featured Big Mac sauce and pickles.

McDirty Fries goes a step further. While the hack varies from person to person, this hack features an abundance of sauce as well as either chicken or a burger. In one version, the TikToker combined buffalo with ranch sauce and chicken tenders for a new take on hot wings. The only rule? McDirty Fries must be saucy, messy, and overloaded.

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How To Create The McDirty Fries

mcdirty fries
mcdirty fries - TikTok

What's great about the McDirty Fries hack is that it is really simple. All you need is a standard combo. For instance, if you're planning the chicken nugget variety, layer your fries first. Then, pour your choice of McDonald's sauces. Finally, place your chicken nuggets on top for good measure. You may want to ask for a breakfast platter, so you can properly shake up the ingredients. Likewise, if you want a proper mix of chicken and fries, we suggest shredding the chicken nuggets so you can have a bit in every bite.

The McDirty Fries hack lets you customize the meal to your tastes. For example, one TikToker chose a chicken sandwich instead, slicing up the meat and bread and layering it on top. Go one step further than the Big Mac fries mentioned above and tear up a whole Big Mac to put on your fries instead. Of course, you can always combine hamburger meat and chicken to go truly dirty with the fries. The choice is yours.

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