McDonald's Brings Back Limited-Time Pie Flavor—But Not Everyone Is Loving It

McDonald's is reviving one of its limited-time pie flavors, but the sweet treat doesn't seem to necessarily be a fan-favorite.

In a new Instagram post shared by food blogger Snackolator on Tuesday, July 9, it was revealed that the fast food chain's Cookies and Cream Pie is on its way back to menus.

The dessert option—which was originally "released last year," according to the insider—is described as an "OREO cookie in pie form," bringing together the flavors of decadent chocolate and vanilla.

"A chocolate sandwich cookies pieces crust that is filled with fluffy vanilla creme filling," similar to its first release, the pie is only available for a limited time, and is reportedly already being served in certain markets, though consumers are urged to check their local chain to see if it is available in their area.

The food blogger's upload also provided some personal insight on the menu item: "I had this last year and thought it was good and was even better with some McDonald's ice cream - would be a great McFlurry with this mixed in and some fudge on top! 🤤."

Though Snackolator gave rave reviews on their own personal experience with the Cookies and Cream pie, other commenters didn't seem so convinced.

"These were bland as hell. I was so excited for them when they initially released. I hope they improved the flavor," one wrote, while another said it "tasted like a sugarfree cookies and cream poptart."

"This was nasty. I wish they would bring back the pumpkin & crème pie back early lol," another added, in part, as someone else who's seemingly tasted it agreed, "This was so gross, no part of it tasted good— crust tasted like soggy poptart and the filling has the consistency of cottage cheese."

Another displeased customer chimed in, "These are actually pretty bad and underwhelming."

Not all of the reviews were negative, however, as a few fans of the sweet snack wrote, "Idc what anyone says THIS WAS 🔥," "I loved this last year! 😍🔥," "I’m so hype for theseee," and "I hope they come nationwide already!"

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