The McDonald’s Secret Menu Item Fans Are Calling ‘Life-Changing’

When listing out some of the best comfort foods, warm, homemade chocolate chip cookies have to be at the top, and if that's one of your favorite desserts, you need to know about a little-known McDonald's hack. (Yes, McDonald's.)

The fast food giant has offered cookies on its menu since the 1970s and they're a very popular item. And if you love the chain's soft, buttery, sweet chocolate chip cookies—or you didn't know about them and are intrigued—then you have to check out this tip from Lorafied. She shared it on Instagram and people were immediately obsessed.

In the video, Lora goes through the McDonald's drive-thru and orders a Cookie Tote. Haven't heard of these? Not many people have, it seems.

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In the caption to her video, Lora says the box is an "off the menu" item that contains 13 cookies that are "baked to order and delivered to your car." The McDonald's employee had Lora pull to the side and wait a few minutes because they baked them fresh for her.

When the cookies were done, the employee handed Lora a cute little cardboard tote full of warm, gooey chocolate chip cookies. "It is so fun. It's kind of like you're getting a little present," Lora said as she opened the box.

And the best part? The Cookie Tote costs less than $5 in most areas. They can range from $3.99-$6.89, depending on where you live, but Lora got hers for less than $5, she said.

People were immediately hooked on the Cookie Tote idea, although some people said that it's not really a secret because McDonald's has the option for a 13 Pack Chocolate Chip Cookie Tote on its app and website. Still, it's not on the main menu, so if you didn't know about it, here's your sign to go grab one now!

"Secret or not…it feels like a secret because hardly anyone orders it. It’s great for a plain sundae too!!," someone commented on Lora's Instagram post.

"I call these “McDonald’s Crack” because they are soooooo good. I don’t like chocolate chip cookies but these I will eat!!!," another person said.

"This is life-changing!" announced another commenter.

One in-the-know commenter said she'd "been getting this forever," which further proves that this not-secret menu item has been kept quiet for too long.

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