#MCBeautySpy: Eleanor Pendleton

#MCBeautySpy: Eleanor Pendleton
#MCBeautySpy: Eleanor Pendleton

Are you a skincare, makeup, fragrance or hair girl? You can’t possibly ask me to decide! I’m as loyal to SK-II Facial Treatment Essence as I am to BB cream, a weekly hair mask and fragrance (fun fact: I have hundreds of each). I’m the first to admit I’m a beauty aficionado but because of my job, I’m constantly switching products and brands on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis. It’s one of my job’s greatest perks!

What’s your go-to weekday look? Funny you should ask – today's post covers exactly that (I promise that was purely a coincidence!).

And your after-hours style? A few years back, I was all about an orange-red lip (hello MAC Lipstick in Morange and Vegas Volt) but in the past year I’ve really started focusing on my eyes and playing them up with brown smokey shadow or a liquid liner flick. For me, it’s all about wearing makeup that is appropriate to the occasion. I put a huge emphasis on balance and only ever play up one of my features because my lips are naturally quite full and my eyes are almond shaped.

Beauty muse? I have many, including Cate Blanchett, Angelina Jolie, Gal Gadot, Natalie Portman, Julia Restoin Roitfield, Columbine Smille, Jane Birkin and Clémence Poésy.

Do you adjust your makeup for your website? Are there certain looks or products that work for real life but not Instagram? To be honest, no. My personal style is natural. I’ve always been a fan of liquid foundations and bases, but I have a slightly oily skin type so I always powder my t-zone in the morning to stop my skin looking greasy in photos. I always shoot my makeup for online just as I would wear it in real life. That’s one of the reasons my readers look to my beauty images as inspiration, because they are consistently wearable and never outlandish.

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