MBFWA 2012 interview: Fashion Blogger Elin Kling

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  • Elin Kling
    Elin Kling
    Swedish blogger

Fashion blogger Elin Kling stands out immediately in the pristine surroundings of the Presidential Suite at the Shangri-La Hotel, her home away from home during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia.

The Swedish native is down under to launch her line, Nowhere, which will be stocked exclusively at MyCatwalk in Australia, as well as several other notable stores around the world.

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But despite all the media attention she’s getting at the moment, not to mention the fact that she’s just stepped off a 21 hour flight, Kling remains refreshingly down-to-earth and humble.

When it comes to Nowhere though, you can immediately tell she’d sing the label’s praises from the rooftops as she eagerly presents one ensemble after the other.

Holding up a chic oversized pair of pants with zippers down either side to demonstrate how easy they are to wear, Kling explains that she thinks “oversized” everything will be big next season.

The rest of the collection, which comprises burmuda shirts, soft sweaters and edgy tshirts, is equally as accessible, with MyCatwalk creative director, Marlene Mangioni, referring to the label as “one of the most exciting brands (she’s) ever come across”.

Considering Kling sat down with the e-commerce store for initial talks just six weeks ago, it’s a pretty impressive feat for the young blogger.

“That’s how I work,” Kling explains. “I love that. I work super-quickly. I always say that if you like something, you should just go for it.”

So why does Kling think the label will be so appealing to the Australian consumer?

“Well I think Australian consumers are into a relaxed, casual style, which is what Nowhere is all about,” says Kling. “I have my fingers crossed anyway! My own style is pretty simple and down-to-earth, so I think it’s a good match market wise. I love a good basic, and I think that translates into the Nowhere brand.”

Kling has a background in design, having famously collaborated on a line with fashion house H&M last year.

“I was working with H&M two days a week, so I was very involved in the design process,” explains Kling. “From there I started thinking it would be great to create my own line – the only problem was that I’m not a designer, so obviously I had to get some help on that side!”

And help she did – Kling works alongside designer Nhu Duong, who not only has a background at luxury fashion label Acne, but was also excited to delve straight into a creative collaboration.

“It’s an exciting partnership – I’m not from the commercial world, so I’ve learnt a lot through the process of developing the line,” says Kling. “Equally I think Nhu has learnt just as much!”

Kling explains that the two bounce ideas off each other to come up with the end concept.

“We couldn’t decide on a name for the label, and then one day Nhu texted me and just said, ‘what about Nowhere?’ and I just jumped on it straight away. I mean the name of the label is important, and this just stuck with me.”

In addition to Nowhere, Kling is also one half of the partnership that founded NowManifest, an online blogging platform which hosts Bryanboy, Fashiontoast, and her own blog, Style By Kling. Aside from promoting her own label this week, Kling plans to hit up “most of the shows” at MBFWA.

So how does she get through such a jam-packed week?

“I’m obsessed with super-healthy juices, and I obviously drink a lot of water,” says Kling. “But actually, I’ve had a lot of problems planning my outfits for fashion week! I change my mind so quickly that if I plan the night before, I’ve already changed my mind about it the next morning.”

It’s a sentiment that applied to the blogger on her first day in Sydney – her outfit was a design from Nowhere that she’d never seen in the flesh before. “I’ve only seen sketches!” explains Kling. “I saw it when I walked in and just grabbed it off the hanger!”

And if she does plan ahead?

“The number one item in my closet right now has to be my Pierre Balmain blazer, which I love,” admits Kling. “It’s a paisley blazer. I have it here in Australia, so I’m sure I’ll bring it out at some point during fashion week!”

Stay tuned.

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