Maz Compton on why she gave up booze

Natasha Lee

Bubbly radio presenter Maz Compton has opened up about her battle with alcohol telling The Morning Show her life was fast becoming a "disaster zone".

Last month the former 2Day FM breakfast announcer wrote a touching blog post explain why she gave up alcohol, detailing the pain and loss of her manger, Mark, that she found unbearable to deal with.

Maz with her current 2Day FM weekend breakfast host Dan Debuf. Source: Instagram

“When Mark passed away I have never felt loss quite like it,” she wrote on her personal blog. “I felt like my heart broke beyond repair, my dreams suddenly came to a screeching halt, I felt a part of me had died with him.”

“When he was suddenly gone my world fell apart and my heart broke into a thousand pieces. The pain and sadness that I felt seemed to consume me and I really did think it would last forever.”

The presenter told TMS co-hosts Larry and Kylie her decision to give up drinking came after a "big old look in the mirror".

"I got to this point where I was assessing my world and the person that I wanted to be and I realised that alcohol was related to absolutely every single thing that I did.

Maz told Larry and Kylie her life was soon turning into a 'disaster zone'. Source: The Morning Show

"I sort of did a big old look in the mirror and thought I really want to change this because if it keeps going this way it could be a bit of a disaster zone and I don’t want it to get that bad," she said.

Compton said she made excuses to drink and was soon downing a bottle of wine almost every night, then she started rejecting friend's offers to go out so she could sit at home and drink.

"It’s a really common thing where weekends happen, and birthdays happen, and celebrations happen so you have a champagne, or something not so great happens and so you get a bottle of gin," she said, adding: "All of a sudden I realised every single thing I did was related to drinking."

The presenter said she found herself constantly tempted to drink due to her high-pressured radio job.

Maz in a photo from her Instagram which shows her working out before heading for a 'pub lunch'. Source: Instagram

"It’s a very slippery slope when all of a sudden after two weeks you go, ‘I haven’t had a day off drinking’, and working in media you walk in the door of a party and there’s trays of drinks going around and you’re at four or five events every week," she said.

Compton said that she's "really proud" she's been able to use her platform as a celebrity to help generate an honest discussion about alcohol consumption.

Nice one, Maz!

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