Matthew Stafford admits he faked viral math video with T.J. Lang

For three weeks, the entire world thought Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford was a math genius. Now, his deception and fraud have been laid bare for all to see: his viral math video was a total fabrication.

That’s probably a bit of an exaggeration, but the main thrust is true: Stafford told the media on Thursday that the math video he did with former teammate T.J. Lang last month was faked.

The video showed Lang asking Stafford the answer to 9,758×618 by doing the math in his head. Stafford took a few seconds to think it through and then gave the correct answer: 6,030,444.

The video went viral immediately, accruing over 100,000 views on Twitter and inspiring headlines that proclaimed Stafford a math genius.

Despite how it appears in the video, Stafford isn’t a math genius. He told reporters that he and Lang figured it all out before pressing the record button, with Lang texting him the answer and telling him to sell it by taking a few seconds to think it over.

Stafford seems genuinely surprised that anyone believed the video was real.

If Stafford hadn’t revealed the truth, we can all imagine what his next viral video would have been: a panicked, confused Stafford running away from a fan who just gave him a complex math problem to solve on the spot.

To maybe everyone's (or no one's) surprise, Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford is not actually a math genius. (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images)

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