Matthew Perry was a talented actor, says owner of Friends-themed cafe

The owner of a Friends-themed cafe said the late Matthew Perry was a “talented actor” who “could have gone a lot further” without his struggles with drugs and alcohol.

Darren, 44, and his partner Holly, 20, a “massive” fan of the hit series, opened the Central Park cafe, in Bexleyheath, south-east London, in June.

The cafe’s name is inspired by the sitcom’s Central Perk coffee shop, where the main protagonists, including Perry’s character Chandler Bing, would socialise throughout the 236 episodes.

Matthew Perry
Matthew Perry died in Los Angeles on Saturday (PA)

Darren, who did not give his surname, told the PA news agency: “He’s (Matthew Perry) a talented actor but his lifestyle was surrounded by drugs and alcohol.

“I read his book and his character was based on his real-life story, and I think it’s just sad, but he was a talented actor, and he could have gone a lot further than he did.

“He was only 54 years old – far too early to pass away.”

Darren added that the cafe was not originally planned around the Friends’ theme, but Holly views the show “day and night” at home.

It features items from the show including the Geller Cup, a trophy for which siblings Monica and Ross Geller competed during childhood games.