Matthew Perry Reportedly Got Chandler Bing's Cheating Storyline Cut

He was originally supposed to cheat on Monica.

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Chandler Bing's love life was almost DOA until Matthew Perry stepped in and had a cheating storyline cut from the Friends script. Following the untimely death of the actor and comedian, actress and guest star Lisa Cash has come forward and revealed that she almost played a woman with whom Chandler was supposed to have an affair during his and Monica's relationship. Before they even got the chance to film the scene, though, Cash learned that Perry had gotten the writers to get rid of the plot line entirely.

"The scene was Chandler and Monica [Courteney Cox] were arguing in Vegas about Monica having lunch with Richard [Tom Selleck]," she told TMZ, referring to the two-part season 5 finale titled "The One In Vegas." She said that after their fight, Chandler was meant to go off on his own and order room service to be delivered by Cash's character. "We end up talking and laughing and connecting, and Chandler ends up cheating on Monica with my character." Sounds a little similar to Ross and Rachel's "We were on a break!" conundrum, no?

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"We had rehearsed it and everything, and then the day before we were shooting in front of a live audience, I was told that [Perry] went to the writers and said the audience will never forgive him for cheating on Monica, which, he was probably right," she explained. "That would have changed possibly the course of the show, and of his character."

Fans of the show will remember that the couple ended up reconciling before deciding to secretly elope in a Vegas — that is, until Ross and Rachel stumble out of the chapel after drunkenly getting married. Chandler and Monica go on to get engaged in the two-part season 6 finale, "The One With the Proposal," and eventually walk down the aisle at the end of season 7.

Cash still appeared in the season 5 finale as a flight attendant on Ross and Rachel's prank-ridden flight to Vegas. She admitted that the cheating scene could have been a "game-changer" for her career, but nonetheless, she is grateful to have had the chance to work with the "quick and talented" Perry.

"I was new to the industry, and it could have been really intimidating for me ― season 5 of Friends, and a scene with Matthew Perry," she added. "But I just felt so comfortable, and he was really likable and welcoming and just made me feel at ease. And I had fun! It was just really fun doing the scene with him."

Ultimately, Cash thinks that Perry's instincts were correct and protecting Chandler and Monica's relationship was the right call. "I think it was a good move, because they have that other thing with Ross and Rachel, 'We were on a break,' but Chandler and Monica weren't on a break," she concluded. "This was a decision that he was going to make to cheat on her. I mean, in the moment and everything, but I don't think the audience could have really forgiven that."

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