Matthew McConaughey Shares Wince-Inducing Close-Up Of Bee-Stung Face

Matthew McConaughey left fans buzzing when he shared a photo after an apparent bee encounter.

On Wednesday, the “Interstellar” actor took to social media to post a grisly picture of his face, appropriately captioned “bee swell.”

In the image, the upper half of the leading man’s typically photogenic face is so puffy that his right eye appears forced shut.

McConaughey seemed in good spirits despite his mishap with nature, wearing a relaxed smile as he looked at the camera head-on.

Below the photo, fans and friends left comments commiserating with the star.

Among the replies was a knowing message from outdoorsman and “Man vs. Wild” host Bear Grylls, who wrote: “Oh yeah brother! I’ve been there,” along with laughing and winking emoji.

McConaughey’s massive amount of swelling suggests that he was having an allergic reaction to bee venom.

People who experience severe symptoms after a sting are advised to seek medical treatment, as anaphylaxis can be life-threatening, according to the Mayo Clinic.

For those with less intense reactions, the Mayo Clinic suggests using at-home remedies. People are advised to try to remove the stinger if possible, but not if it’s below the skin.

Beyond that, throughly cleaning the area, using a cold compress and taking an over-the-counter pain reliever like ibuprofen can help reduce pain and swelling.