Matthew Hussey: The dating mistake we all make

Rebekah Scanlan
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Matthew Hussey is the dating guru currently helping four ladies with a second chance at love on The Single Wives.

But the 31-year-old told Be that despite all having very different stories, the women shared a common trait that was holding them back from finding ‘The One’.

And the love expert — who has coached millions of women through their dating dilemmas — says it’s a mistake all single women make.

The world’s best dating guru Matthew Hussey has revealed the most common mistake single women are making. Source: Seven

“Too many aren’t taking control, they just love complaining about why it’s not the way they want it to be,” he said.

Matthew said he’s constantly bombarded with questions about his methods, as he encourages women to be proactive in their quest for love but most people are too “lazy”.

The dating guru is currently appearing on The Single Wives where he’s giving advice to four Aussie women looking for love later in life. Source: Seven

“My YouTube account is filled with comments of people saying, ‘Why do you have to do all of this to find love,’ and ‘Why do you have to use these techniques?’” he explained, adding the answer was simple.

“It’s because you want the result, because you’re watching my video, because you decided you wanted a partner.”

“It’s like saying, ‘Why do I have to do stuff to get rich?’… Well, how does that make sense?” he continued.

Matthew thinks women aren’t taking control when it comes to their love lives. Source: Be

Luckily, he’s not just highlighting where single women are going wrong, but also full of handy tips and advice that aren’t just “clichés”.

“I won’t ever tell you to just ‘be yourself’ because…, it doesn’t actually give you a road map for what to do today with your love life,” he explained.

Instead, his biggest suggestion is to be vulnerable again and to not close yourself off from opportunities.

“People are intensely afraid of taking risks, more-so these days because dating apps have allowed us to hide,” Matthew told Be.  

He suggests falling in love with dating again to maximise meeting as many people as possible. Source: Seven

However simply having conversations with anyone who crosses your path and enjoying life hugely increase your chance of meeting someone.

“Dating is an area of life where you can swing the bat as many times as you like,” he said. “You never run out of tries. Those are great odds.”

For more of Matthew’s hot tips, watch The Single Wives on Channel Seven on Wednesday and Thursday. 

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