New 'Wellness Barbies' come with self-care accessories

Caroline Allen

Barbie has had a bit of a makeover lately.

The company behind the iconic toy, Mattel, has recently released a more inclusive range and now it’s branching off into the world of wellness.

Barbie has a thing or two to tell you about wellness. Photo: Mattel

The brand has partnered with mindfulness app, Headspace, to “introduce girls to the benefits of self-care through play”.

It includes a selection of nine new Barbies as well as a five visualisations for children to try as part of their self-care routines.

The Barbies come in various stages of their "self-care" routines. Photo: Mattel

The “wellness” world has come under some criticism lately, with people associating it with the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow’s wellness brand, Goop.

In Headspace’s release about the new range, it said: “In an increasingly busy, over-connected world, it is more important than ever to take time for yourself - this rings true for adults and kids alike.

“Headspace has partnered with Barbie to raise awareness around nurturing overall emotional well-being through mindfulness exercises.”

The Barbies available to buy range from the face mask day spa play set to the fitness doll, each equipped with different self-care accessories to promote wellness.

Despite criticisms that the word “wellness” has become overused, the general reaction to the new sets has been positive.

On Barbie’s Instagram page, a post went out about the new collection.

“There is power in the “pause.”⁣ Introducing the #BarbieWellnesscollection, showing girls the benefits of self-care through play. Barbie has partnered with meditation app, @headspace, providing a playlist of mindfulness exercises.” It read.

“Wow, gorgeous. Glad the message is getting out to young people.” One comment said.

“So wonderful! I have a daughter with a motor planning disorder who benefits from seeing poses before she is asked to coordinate her body to do the pose. She will love playing with this doll!” Another added.

The Breathe with me Barbie even has a necklace which can be pressed to play the five different Headspace meditations.

The Barbies have already been released in the US.

It’s unconfirmed when the wellness Barbie will be available in Australia but new releases usually role out a few months after the US.

With plenty of research into children’s mental health being commissioned at the moment, it’s unsurprising that big companies like Mattel would want to put focus on this.

Just recently, a World Health Organisation study found that more than a quarter of children weren’t getting enough sleep.

This type of new release might just be what children need to feel more connected to a “self-care” routine. In any case, it’s worth a try.

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