Matt and Chelsie's awkward TV appearance makes viewers squirm

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Matt and Chelsie had their fair share of awkward moments on Have You Been Paying Attention? last night. Photo: Ten

The Bachelor’s Matt and Chelsie only went public with their relationship five days ago after the show’s finale aired, but the pair have squirmed through many an awkward media moment since.

A new bar has been set however, by the pair’s appearance on the notoriously hilarious, and uncensored Have You Been Paying Attention? on Monday night which held back on no topic.

Front and centre of the celebrity contestants’ biting commentary was Matt’s sizzling chemistry with runner-up Abbie Chatfield, and their razor-sharp comments left Matt, Chelsie and viewers at home squirming in their seats.

Awkward third wheel

Have You Been Paying Attention? sees five contestants battle it out to correctly answer questions about the week’s current events - and to drop the funniest joke, often at the expense of celebrity guests.

Leading the charge on Monday night was comedian Ed Kavalee who didn’t hold back on bringing up the elephant in the room, Abbie, whenever he could.

Constant Ed Kavalee didn't make it easy for the new couple, making every inappropriate comment possible. Photo: Ten

Quizzing them on key moments that happened on the Bachelor, Chelsie asked the panel to identify what was inscribed on the necklace Matt presented her with on one of their final dates.

“Abbie?” was Ed’s cheeky response which left a few red faces in its wake.

He didn’t stop there, however, when Matt later asked the panel what Abbie’s final words were to him, Ed jumped in with the first answer.

“I’m pregnant?” he suggested, leaving Matt and Chelsie to awkwardly laugh the comment off - though a look of disbelief on Chelsie’s face was impossible to miss.

Audiences react online

She wasn’t alone either, viewers took to Twitter with their own reactions to the brazen responses.

“If this doesn’t test Matt and Chelsea’s marriage...” another one person, and though the pair are not in fact married, we agree there may have been some tense words in the car afterwards.

“Screaming at tonight's Bachelor segment. AWKWARD,” another wrote.

The latest cringe-worthy moments come on the back of a host of awkward mentions and run-ins between Matt and Chelsie, and Abbie, as well as a number of rumours dogging the couple.

Abbie and Matt raised eyebrows with a number of steamy scenes this season, and as one of the final two, Abbie and Matt’s chemistry is the question that won’t go away as he and Chelsie step out as a couple.

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