MasterChef star left ‘frustrated’ as tensions boil in the kitchen

Marni Dixit
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

MasterChef judge Melissa Leong has found herself in hot water, for her apparent favouritism on the reality cooking show.

Fans took to Twitter last night to slam the food critic for her ‘rough’ critique of Reece Hignell’s dish and now another contestant is reportedly frustrated over her behaviour.

Fans have slammed Melissa Leong for her favouritism during Sunday night's episode. Photo: Ten

New Idea have reported that Tessa Boersman has reportedly become irked by what she sees as preferential treatment from Melissa towards other contestants on the Channel 10 series.

The publication reports Tessa is concerned over reports of favouritism and they added that at one point during filming Tessa became emotional during an exchange with Melissa following a challenge.

Tessa, who was runner-up during last year's season of the show, is hotly tipped to win this year's season and has previously told 10 Daily the show is "a mental game".

Fans took to social media after Sunday night's episode of the show, to slam Melissa for seemingly showing favouritism after giving Reece Hignell a particularly "rough" critique.

Reece, who is a vegan cake baker, confessed Sunday night's seafood challenge was a bit out of his comfort zone with Melissa responding by saying: "You can't cook cake everyday."

MasterChef's Tessa Boersman has become frustrated with what she sees as favouritism from Melissa on the show. Photo: Ten

Fans were quick to slam Melissa, especially because Reece's fellow contestant Laura Sharrad has repeatedly cooked her speciality dish of pasta without being criticised by the judges – something that has not gone unnoticed by viewers, who have labelled it 'PastaGate'.

One fan wrote: "The cake line was a bit rough. Reece doesn't cook cake anywhere near as often as Laura does pasta."

Another added: "I had respect for Mel but not anymore!!! Reece cooked cake for like 2 or 3 times and you go, 'Can't cook cake everyday' ARE YOU SERIOUSLY KIDDING ME??? Why not say the same to Laura?"

Someone else wrote,:"I have the utmost respect and admiration for Melissa Leong but no honey Laura is not a smart cook - what was this the first time she didn't cook pasta? And why comment to Reece that he can't cook cake every day and not say the same about Laura?"

While Reese may have been out of his depth during the challenge, he managed to leave the judges impressed.

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